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Custom Dog Braces With "Fail-Safe" Mechanics

"Fail-Safe?" Yeah, that's what makes Ace innovative.  Look at how the plastic is shaped...our braces put the plastic where the corrective pushes are supposed to be so the velcro does not fail like it does on first wave brace designs.

Stifle Brace CCL Tear hock brace dog ankle brace Dog carpal wrist brace

Stifle: Knee

Hock: Ankle

Carpal: Wrist







Making the right choice for your best pal?

Making the best choice for your dog is very important. Learn all you can about braces currently offered on the market. Make sure you know...
  • Is their staff qualified to be making an orthotic brace for your best pal?
  • What is unique about the brace?
  • Is it bio-mechanically designed to give the proper support?
  • Will the brace fit your dog's leg?

These are all valid questions — important for making the right choice. Please ask! We don't bite ;)  Your best friend deserves the best.

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