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Dog Ankle Brace (Hock)

dog ankle brace

The ankle brace (hock brace) is used for a variety of pathologies including Achilles tears, neuromuscular deficiencies, and calcaneal ruptures just to name a few.  These braces are different from other braces because they use biomechanical principles that put the plastic in places where the proper corrective push should be instead of relying on a velcro strap (that can give away after daily wear and tear) for the support.


Kami's ankle brace (hock brace)

  1. Our hock brace is custom made for the best correction and fit.
  2. The brace allows for better surgical outcomes.
  3. The hock brace can provide support to non-surgical candidates.

Our braces are custom made for each dog. We work with Veterinarians and Physical Therapists worldwide. If you believe your pet can benefit from a custom hock brace, please contact us with your questions, or request a casting kit through our new website,, that will be shipped directly to your vet's office.

If you prefer, you may mail to P.O. Box 471 Benkelman, NE 69021

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