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Ace Ortho Solutions Casting kit for your dog

Watch These Videos To Learn More About The Process Of Casting And Fitting Your Dog's Stifle Brace!

IMPORTANT: Before you remove the cast, you need to take a photograph of it on the dog's leg. Refer to documentation in your casting kit. This photo along with a photo of the dog standing should be emailed to

[Knee Brace/Back Leg]

stiflecasting stiflefitting

[Ankle Brace/Back Leg]

 stiflecasting  stiflefitting

[Wrist Brace/Front Leg]

 carpal casting  carpal fitting


Additional Videos:
> Adjusting Straps on the Stifle Brace
> Learn How To Remove And Replace Straps
> Proper Placement of the Hock Guard


If you and your veterinarian are ready to move forward with a custom brace for your dog, please request a casting kit. Everything your veterinarian needs to make the cast will be shipped right to their door. If your vet already has casting supplies on hand, all they need to do is download the appropriate forms from our website.

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